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Special Event Treatment in North Jersey

If you’re planning on hosting a special event outside in the coming summer months, one issue that may be at the back of your mind is protecting your guests from pests. At a graduation party or a wedding, the last thing you want your guests to worry about is being bitten by mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Fortunately, here at Mosquito Squad of North Jersey, we offer two packages to our clients who are hosting an upcoming special event outside this summer.

The Process

When you contact us for a consultation, you can expect our technicians to ask you a few basic questions about the special event coming up as well as your property. Our consultants will describe in detail the two packages we offer — Standard: One Spray and Platinum: Two Sprays. Our consultants will then recommend one of the two packages based on your needs.

To ensure that you and your guests receive optimal protection from pests, we will schedule a time for treatment 1-3 days before the event and if purchased, an additional spray 7-10 days before the event. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your schedule so that the success of the special event is not compromised in any way. Licensed pest control technicians will evaluate your property to better gauge your needs for treatment.

The treatment will involve the spraying of all the foliage on your property, especially identified breeding and resting sites for pests. Our solution for pest control will continue to release substances over the duration of the special event to continue to protect your guests from mosquitoes and other pests.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our solutions are known to successfully lead to almost entirely bug-free and bite-free special events in the summer. The solutions we use are not only EPA-approved, but they have been shown to eliminate pests at rates of 90% – 95%.

All of our clients are free to take advantage of our no hassle, money back guarantee if they feel dissatisfied with the results of our professional services. Our decision to offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee shows the great confidence that we have in the solutions we use to protect our clients from guests.

If you’re interested in protecting your guests from pests at the special event you’re hosting in the summer, don’t hesitate to give the Mosquito Squad of North Jersey a call for more information about the services we provide.

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