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Misting Systems in North Jersey

Every year, mosquitoes are an issue, especially if you like to spend time outside. Even if you cannot see them, they will be finding you. There are many ways you can try to get rid of mosquitoes but they are usually not very effective for the long term, if they are effective at all. That is why the continuous control option is the best option to consider when you are looking for protection and prevention. The misting systems from Mosquito Squad of North Jersey can provide that for you.

What is a Misting System?

A misting system is a permanently installed system that offers continuous mosquito protection. It can automatically spray the desired area between two to four times per day and the spray lasts for only 30 seconds. You choose the frequency and the system will spray during the most active mosquito times. It will also kill other pests such as ticks. It not only kills the mosquitoes in the area but also repels them from coming back. All of the sprayers are placed strategically around the area and the nozzles are hidden from sight. The entire system is monitored remotely so you will not have to worry about any of it. The tank levels, spray patterns, and leak detection are all monitored by the Mosquito Squad of North Jersey and we come to fill and service the system on a regular basis. You have the option of activating the system when necessary for things such as events or parties. You can even control the time of your sprays. Before winter, all systems are winterized by our professionals so you can use the system again each year.

How Can I Get A Misting System?

If you want all of the benefits of our misting systems throughout the mosquito season and beyond, contact the Mosquito Squad of North Jersey today! Our licensed technicians will come out to install the system around your home and will show you how to work the remote for it. We will schedule regular maintenance with you and call you when it is time to winterize the system. If you want to enjoy the outdoors this summer, please call us to get rid of mosquitoes and other pests from the perimeter of your home.

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