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Let the Professionals Beat Mosquitoes on Your Lawn

There’s no need to put up with mosquitoes in Northern New Jersey. They hamper your daily lives and threaten your loved ones with the spread of disease. That is why Mosquito Squad of North Jersey is here to treat your lawn and control these pests. They’ll kill any infestation and provide measures to prevent these annoying pests from returning.

Barrier Spray

Our most popular service is also one of our most effective. For more than a decade, we’ve been using this one-of-a-kind system to protect more than 100,000 homes. When you schedule a barrier spray, we’ll send our professionals to spray the foliage on your property and other areas surrounding your home to eliminate mosquitoes quickly. The barrier drives the bugs away for up to 21 days, giving you lasting protection, but we don’t stop there. We’ll set up a schedule with you to return every 3 weeks for the duration of mosquito season. You can have nonstop defense, so you can enjoy the outdoor months to their fullest.

Advanced Prevention

As effective as the sprays are, we couldn’t call ourselves experts if we stopped there. Our teams are well-versed in finding and destroying breeding grounds. They’ll inspect and analyze your home for mosquito hot spots every time. This extra measure is a key factor in our reliable methodology, and it is the best way to ensure populations will stay down between visits. We also offer information and education that can put mosquito management directly in your hands. Empowering you with knowledge, maintaining the schedule and strategic deployment make up the three-tiered system that keeps your home thoroughly free of mosquitoes.

Excellent Service Every Day

We employ licensed, trained professionals to deliver our treatments. You can expect courteous, knowledgeable and passionate experts with every visit. We never stop searching for ways to improve our methods, and we never stop educating our experts with every new find. You can count on us to stay on the leading edge of mosquito management for years to come.

Take back your lawn. Let Mosquito Squad of North Jersey schedule a prevention plan that takes care of you throughout the year. Call (973) 917-4230 today and speak with one of our experts so you can get back to enjoying your yard.

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